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Katy brings the sunshine to #GlastoFest2017

Some of us know Sunday as church day, and all the social media accounts we follow affirm it: come to church!

Anyway it also happens to be Hari Raya, or Eid, as the celebration is better known in the West.

So Selamat Hari Raya everyone celebrating!

Because I feel like I haven’t fully woken up, last night (we’re 7 hours ahead) Katy Perry performance at 2017’s Glastonbury is still bouncing around in my head, replete with eye-box head dresses and pom-pom like figures prancing around the Pyramid Stage like any other regular show she’s done. Sporting a shiny catsuit with a pair of mini-wings and shining purple baseball cap, Perry was a ball of energy throughout, finally finishing her set by diving into the crowd, allowing herself to swim there for a while before getting yanked out of that same crowd by security.

That finished her last number, Roar, with a roar alright.

The evening was a clear one, as Perry had remarked.

“It didn’t rain today. I like to think I bring the sunshine,” she told the crowd, before breaking into the sunshiny California Gurls. California Gurls, of course, is the perfect summer festival song no matter where you take it.

The stage was as bright as the star herself – the background image of an eye really zooming in on the crowd with the swirling motions in its iris. She had begun her set with a few tracks from her latest album, Witness but the crowd was still taking its time to warm up.

An affable a personality as ever who’s always aware of the crowd she’s facing, (and seeing as it’s her first Glastonbury) Perry also pointed out that she didn’t ever really feel cool, and so now, was she cool yet?

“I wasn’t sure if you guys still liked me,” she also said. It takes confidence to be able to continue being yourself in spite of what people think of your whole new outlook on life, and the accompanying change in outward style you now bring to the party. But in times like this, Perry has the comfort of her entire back catalogue of music, performances and all-round appreciation for her fans to look back on – the fans have loved her then, and they will keep the faith.

All in all during her set, they were indeed happy to sing along with her empowering hits, Firework, empowering everyone, Teenage Dream, which empowers that ideal fantasy of a long-held desire; Roar, which empowers who you are and ought to be. Of course, there was also ET, and Dark Horse, to balance the amount of sunshine people could handle.

Meanwhile, Thinking of You was performed as it has always been – with an acoustic guitar and a soulful voice. She followed that up with the ballad Save As Draft, from the Witness album. Overall, it was a well-arranged mix of old and new.

The crowdsurfing moment of course, was everyone’s delight – jumping headlong into the audience, her suit shimmering from afar, and the bright yellow confetti fluttering everywhere: what a perfect way to bow out.

And for that I say, Katy Perry, you’re too cool for school.


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