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Don’t mention McDonald’s, but that’s where the best Coke is

Interestingly, McDonald’s recently screened an ad that doesn’t speak its name at all. Shhh. It’s just “the place where Coca-Cola tastes so good.”

The ad, starting self-proclaimed Mickey D’s fan Mindy Kaling simply features her in a bright yellow dress speaking in front of a dark red background. Now could that be ‘subtlety’ finally making its appearance in Golden Arches?

What the ad does is ask its viewers to Google search the place where Coke tastes so good. Kaling even offers to wait as you do this.

And the point of the ad?

It’s promoting the drink for just US$1 at that very place.


Now the relationship between Coke and McDonald’s is apparently well-known. The two chains struck up a deal in 1955 – and Coke, till now even has a McDonald’s division to cater to its single largest non-state customer. They’ve since helped each other become multinationals together across the globe – in short, it’s probably the best deal they ever made.

But that isn’t why Coke apparently tastes better in McDonald’s restaurants.

It’s because the Coca-Cola Company usually does away altogether with the plastic bag delivery arrangement it has for other restaurants when it comes to McDonald’s – stainless steel tanks are used instead. And smart as McDonald’s is, it also pre-chills the water & syrup before putting it through the fountains, and uses wider straws on the whole.

That makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? And it’s amazing what a special relationship between companies – especially in food & beverage – can do.

Because now you’ll definitely have more McDonald’s, and more Coke to go with it.

What a win-win.



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